About Recal


30 Years of Service Excellence

Recal was founded in 1989 by Bill McEuen after his retirment from the Corps of Engineers, District Laboratory in Dallas, Texas.  Mr. McEuen was an active calibrator, an A2LA Assessor and a member of ASTM up until his death in 1996.  His techniques and work ethics are the foundation of what Recal is today.  Since its inception, Recal has strived to provide excellence in both the calibration and repair of laboratory equipment.

ReCal Versa Tester

Our Founder

Billy W McEuen – CET
Corps of Engineers – Retired

Mr. McEuen founded Recal Calibration Services in 1989, upon retiring from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers after 30 years (including military service).

His Civil engineering background was extensive throughout his service in the Corp.  In addition to that he was an active member of ASTM and a laboratory assessor for A2LA up until his death in 1996.

Mr. McEuen laid the foundation for the quality of services that Recal provides, including the extensive training of key personnel that are still with the company today.

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